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Golden Circle and Our Partners

Golden Circle places great emphasis on online and offline shopping experience for our customers. Also, we develop partnership with Mills in Europe to seek for perfect textile. We would offer the best products and service to customers.

As a representative distributors of Huddersfield Cloth, Groves & Lindley, Marling & Evans, Fintex of London, pursuing the finest experience to our customers in the region is only mission.

Huddersfield Cloth

A maker of fine suiting fabrics made in Huddersfield and carry the made in Huddersfield stamp on the woven selvedge as a mark of authenticity and quality. For over a thousand years, the hills around Huddersfield have been the home to cottage spinners and weavers. 

Throughout all ages, clothing and textiles have been pivotally important in evolutionary history of Huddersfield and is directly reflected by the local materials available.

Groves & Lindley

Groves & Lindley brand owned by Schofield & Smith, the home of tradition and quality. Since 1904, Schofield & Smith have been manufacturing the finest suiting and jacketing fabrics, using only the highest quality yarns. All of the cloths designed by Schofield & Smith are woven in Huddersfield, and bear the “Made In Huddersfield” woven selvedge.

Marling & Evans

''Marling & Evans, a key name in British sartorial excellence around the world, producing refined fabrics in the Huddersfield textile district, Yorkshire, for more than two hundred years, is a presence of the highest calibre for the whole exile industry and for sartorial elegance.

Marling & Evans is one of Huddersfield’s oldest active weaving mills. Born in 178 as an artisan laboratory, today it produces fabrics using only naturally dyed and finished English wool, without chemical additives.

Other Worldwide Partnerships

Golden Circle works with other worldwide partnership to pursue excellent customer service and provide the highest quality of fabrics.

It is our pleasure to cooperate with organizations which share the same mission as us. Please contact us at for further details.